Not all chalk is the same.
An ideal solution for pole dance sport.
Liquid magnesium and liquid rosin Viscosi are created specifically for pole dancing, considering all the aspects of the sport. The company with a perennial experience made sure you are comfortable while
working out and all the wishes of our clients are being heard.
Liquid chalk ideally dries the skin
Three levels of stickiness
Has a pleasant fragrance and doesn`t crumble
Has a super sticky effect
Cheap and available wax substitute
Suitable for pole dance and acrobatics
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How it works
Liquid chalk SOFT
It dries out damp skin as much as possible, creates the effect of "white palms", does not contain rosin, is allowed in all championships, dries quickly, ideal for palms and areas of skin with increased sweating.
Liquid chalk MEDIUM
Ideally combines the properties of drying and stickiness, recommended for people with moderate sweating of the hands to improve grip, contains a small amount of rosin, allowed at championships.
Liquid chalk HARD
It has distinct sticky properties, creates the effect of "sticky palms", contains rosin, is suitable for people with minimal sweating, is allowed in selective championships, it is best used in training and when studying new moves.
Liquid Rosin
Creates the effect of "sticking", it is recommended to apply to dry skin areas (hips, side of the abdomen, elbows), carefully applied to the palms, it is irreplaceable in the cold season, recommended for use on the pole and aerial silks.
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